Back to School Shoe Program

This overall program lends pride to the students, a sense of belonging with their classmates, and eases the annual financial and emotional strain on struggling parents tremendously.

To see these families -  the parents that didn’t think they would be able to give their children the experience and be able to cover that month’s expenses, the children who are not used to getting the new things of their peers - shopping together as they discuss sneakers, new shirts and jeans for the fall, the simple joy and excitement, is beyond heartwarming.

Interfaith provides new haircuts to these children as well, by partnering with local salons, so rather than haircuts at home, the kids get to go the stylist, and get a new “do” to start the school year and feel proud of themselves on picture day.

The Back to School Program provides eligible school age children with a new pair of shoes from The New Shoe Store located in Montrose or Susquehanna. It also provides students from several school districts a new backpack full of school supplies. Having a new pair of shoes and a new backpack is something many take for granted but is so important for children. It helps boost their self-esteem and equips them with the needed supplies to excel in school.


Call in July to make an appointment. Appointments run through August.

If you would like to learn how you can become involved with this amazing program, please contact us today!

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