Whether you’ve spent your whole life in Susquehanna County or have moved here recently, there is something to be said of remembering and appreciating the rich history of our community. Many reminisce of what life was like when they were younger, the theme of community, the camaraderie and unity of the people. Folks simply took care of one another, looked out for one another, defended one another, and supported one another. There was a commonality among the community that wasn’t clouded by focus on money or status.


Providing a Place for Community Connection

For over 150 years the Montrose United Methodist Church has been a gathering place for worship, mourning, celebrations and deep community connection. The rich heritage of this building and the beacon it has been to Susquehanna County is a valuable gift and a vision we desire to carry forward to future generations.


Everyone has a dream. Our stories might look different but our hope is the same. More love. More opportunities. More growth. More security. It is time to help our community move forward towards those dreams. God has placed an opportunity before Interfaith to expand its influence to our community and continue a legacy. Interfaith believes that remodeling the Methodist church building will provide a sanctuary for everyone choosing to pursue their dreams. The goal is to have a space that is thriving, dynamic, and has lasting civic assets. The Interfaith Board of Directors, Executive Director, staff and volunteers are excited about partnering with you and many others to see this dream become a reality.


We Need Your Help

Every time a big dream is before us there is an opportunity to respond. A decision must be made to determine our role in bringing it to life. It will take individuals, organizations and businesses to capture this dream with their hearts and make the choice to move it forward with prayer and financial support. What imprint do you want to leave on this generation and the next? How can you be part of this vision? Consider making a financial contribution to move this dream forward.  


As Billy Graham once stated “We are not cisterns made for hoarding, we are channels made for sharing.” We believe there is an opportunity at hand to pour out on our community the abundance of what the Lord has provide each of us. 


If you feel a personal connection to our great community and want to make an investment in our present and future generations, we invite you to join our growing list of generous supporters. Your contribution helps provide help and hope to individuals and families as well as, encourages economic growth and a healthy, vibrant community.

“All good men and women must take responsibility to create legacies that will take the next generation to a level we could only imagine.” – Jim Rohn

Where Will Your Money Go?

Tower Power


Adding an elevator

Electric Avenue

Electricity Update

Updating the wiring throughout the building

Finishing Touches

Finishing Paint

Flooring and paint remodeling

Corner Market

Handicap Accessible

A new entrance that is handicap accessible

Face Lift

Building Facelift

Updating the outside of the building

Dream Suite

Meeting Space

The community room and offices