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Support Group


Grief Group

The loss of a loved one changes a person's life completely. Interfaith offers a safe place for those who are grieving to come together and provide support for each other. The group provides help on navigating the grief journey. The groups are offered at our Susquehanna and Montrose location with separate groups for men and women. The groups are offered throughout the year. 


This is a closed group and participants must be at the first session to be in the group. The group lasts for 6 weeks, the sessions are once a week from 1 - 1 ½ hours. The group uses the Six Simple Weeks curriculum. 

Open Art

Many students use art as a way to express feelings and to relieve stress.   The group offers students a safe, welcoming place to use various mediums of art. We have acrylics, quash, clay, pencil and markers. All supplies needed are provided however, students may bring their own supplies if they want. Interfaith also provides snacks, water and music. This group is currently only offered to Susquehanna students in middle and high school.

Creative Beginnings

It is crucial for those in recovery to be able to connect with members of the community and build strong support systems. This group offers a safe, welcoming space for women to use their creativity to further their recovery. Utilizing different ways to be creative such as art, drama, science, dreams and writing. This group is offered in Susquehanna and Montrose alternating weeks. It is an open group, meeting once a week for 1 ½ hours and is ongoing. 

Ladies Tea

We want to celebrate you!  Recovery is hard, and we want to encourage you and celebrate the big and small steps forward.  This group meets monthly, will start again in January.


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